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Related post: Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 22:26:31 -0700 From: BT Subject: Quality Time With Nephews #5This my lola bbs story is a work of private cp pedo bbs fiction. If you are under 18 or it is otherwise illegal for you to read such material please leave the site. As always I appreciate comments and suggestions from youngbbs porn links all of you that have written previously. Please nn porn pic bbs feel free to keep those comments coming to just sat stunned when Josh asked me to take his cherry. After weeks of engaging in sex with my nephews 11 year old Josh and 15 year old Todd while staying with them for the summer and all three of us had been having a great time. But Josh had so far only been comfortable with engaging in oral sex while his brother and I managed to try just about anything that had come to mind. While Todd had given his brother a bit of bbs forum girl a hard time about it, I was very clear bbs young gallery that he should only do what he felt ready to try. But with his 13 year old friend Nathan sneaking into Todd's room for some serious ass fucking, Josh, feeling left out, had come to nude teens bbs my room.I thought briefly of Nathan being just down the hall and the fotos angels bbs risk we would be taking to do this right now, but that thought vanished as Josh raised his face up to me and we kissed gently. 12 teen model bbs Our gentle kisses became more passionate as Josh continued to slowly but steadily stroke my cock which was once again kds bbs nature rock hard. As I pulled off the covers I noticed Josh was completed nude and his small dick, with just a hint of pubic hair starting to appear, was just as hard. Pulling his slender body klass bbs cp video close to mine I laid back and pulled him on top of me. We continued to kiss as I ran my hands all over his back as I felt his hairless body japanese models image bbs next to my tgp bbs vestal hairy chest and his dick rubbing against my stomach. He began to kiss my neck and shoulders, sliding down slightly as his kisses moved to my chest and nipples euro nn teens bbs and I soon realized my cock was nestled in the crack of his ass. His legs spread slightly and I felt his knees straddle teen thumbs bbs my waist as he raised his body up with the palm of his hands flat on my chest, his small, tight ass grinding against my cock. Suddenly he reached back and grabbed my cock which he positioned the head to his ass and tried to push his ass back on it. He cried out in pain and fell boy model bbs forward on my chest.Surprised, I cried out "What are bbs imageboard angel you trying bbs virgin fotos gratis to do?""I want you inside me like you have been in Todd" he replied.Kissing him I said "OK, but you need to remember this is your first time and we need to take it slow." As he nodded I continued, "Josh, you also need to realize I vombat bbs litle am pretty big for someone your size and it can hurt if your not ready." As he continued to nod I asked "You do understand that we can stop any time you want, right?"Kissing me he replied "Yes, but I still want to feel you inside me."I rolled him off of me and onto his back and began to kiss him gently as my hand explored his hairless chest. best tgp bbs After gently teasing his nipples with my tongue and gently pinching them, I ran my hand down his body to his dick and gently rubbed the tip of my index finger over the had of his dick, wiping off his precum. I than moved my hand down between his legs and gently began rubbing his precum on his tight hole. As I gently massaged his hole, applying just the slightest pressure, he moaned softly. I reached over and grabbed the lube and applied a generous amount to my fingers and applied it to his asshole. His eyes sprang open from innocent teen bbs the cold sensation but I gently began to massage his hole as his eyes were again half-closed and his moans began again. bbs family I leaned into kiss him gently just as I gently inserted my index finger in his ass. He gasped slightly but as I pushed my finger in past the knuckle he said "Ohhhhh... that feels really good." As I began to gently move my finger in and out of his virgin ass squeezed on my finger and his moans grew stronger. I removed my finger to apply more lube and was pleased to hear him moan "Noooo...Don't take it out." As I reinserted my re-lubed finger in his ass I felt him actually move his ass down to get more of my finger inside him. I than slowly inserted a ranchi bbs gateway second finger and again heard his breath catch slightly but then immediately he said "Mmmmm Uncle Brad... Fuck my butt with your fingers. As I continued to move my fingers in and out faster he began to toss his head back and forth and when I inserted a third finger he gasped out load and his asshole clamped down on my fingers. His back arched and illegal bbs pedo his young cock began jerking wildly as he shot his clear load on his stomach. As his orgasm subsided he looked me in the eyes and his voice trembled as he said "I'm ready Uncle Brad. Please fuck me."Smiling I rolled onto my back and said, "OK. I want you to straddle my waist again" which he did eagerly. I alfasex bbs took the lube and poured into his hand and told him "Put more of this on your ass" and than I pured a large amount on my cock which had now been hard for so long bbs adult porn it actually ached. Setting aside the lube bottle I took Josh by the waist and pulled him up to where his tight bubble ass was next to my cock. As I held my cock steady I said "I want you to very gently push back on my cock until it goes in". As he nodded I continued "If it hurts to bad then adult porn bbs you need to stop." He continued to nod and his entire body trembled as he began to push his tight hole back on the head of my cock. He whimpered as he pushed harder and it appeared that my cock may not go in. Repositioning his hands on my chest and closing his eyes, I watched his forehead begin to wrinkle with svens guide bbs determination as he pushed again and I shitmix bbs felt his ass little virgin bbs pedo ring briefly pop and the head of my cock slide in only to have his ass ring immediately angel teen bbs tighten so hard I though my cock was going to snap off. He cried ls bbs phtc out in pain and his fingernails dug into my chest as his body broke out in a sweat and began to tremble. "Take a deep breath" I calmly instructed him. As he did this I said "Now slowly exhale" and as he followed my instructions his fingers lessened their grip on my chest and I felt his ass rings death grip on my cock ease slowly. As he opened his eyes I told him "We don't have to do this."Shaking his head he bbs sven webbs insisted "No... Its already feeling better" teens bbs forums as a tear ran down his cheek. He took a deep breath and again tried to push his ass down nonude forum bbs further on the shaft of my cock as he moaned lightly."Go top bbs slow" I said bbs tortur as I watched the the top bbs seat pouring off his body and another couple of tears escape his clenched eyes as a few more centimeters of my cock vanished up his ass. Part of ls magazine bbs xxx my mind wanted to stop, yet the bbs toplist nude sensation was incredible! I couldn't believe the head jpg bbs and pressure on my cock and the sensation of his trembling body. Taking another deep breath he pushed again and now about half ukraine angels bbs of my cock was up his quivering hole. I sat up an pulled his shaking sweating body next to me as his arms went around my torso and I whispered "Josh, that's enough...Lets stop and we will again later."His eyes sprang open and with his teeth clenched said "No!" and than with another deep breath thrust his ass back. At first it felt as my cock was snapping in half and in an instant his ass went down the rest of my shaft as he screamed amatuer bbs forum out in pain and I felt his nails dig into my back as his hairless ass up against my pubic hair. I groaned in both pain and pleasure and grabbed his face to look japanese adult porn bbs in his eyes.His eyes opened and he said in a gasp "You're in!" Before I could dog fuck bbs ask if he was OK he kissed me passionately. xxx tiny bbs Than burying his face into my neck I felt him slowly raise his ass up slightly and than released and and slid back down and whimpered."Are you OK, baby?" I asked only to have him do the same thing, but this time moving a bbs tgp nude little further up the shaft and this time the whimper not sounding so much like pain as a cry of pleasure. I ran my hands down to his ass and the next time helped lift him little agency bbs up a little further and felt sunbbs innocent him europe sex young bbs push back down against my hands.Slowly the tempo picked up. For all the times I'd been fucked and had fucked someone, I had never felt such a sensation. His face still buried in my neck he moaned "It's feeling better. bbs zep teen nude teens darkbbs Fuck me more Uncle Brad!" as his fingernails clawed at my back. Nothing else seemed to exist but the two of us, my cock and his sweet 11 year old ass.I felt my self getting ready to blow and I said "OK baby... This feels so good... I'm going to cum up your sweet virgin ass!" Then just as I bbs sexo pedo kdz felt my first shot of cum, I thrust up into him i bbs sex roughly and he screamed out and bit into my shoulder. An as each shot of cum shot into him heard him whisper "Oh my God! Oh my God!"We clung too each other, both of us trembling and bathed in sweat with our eyes closed. As I felt my cum starting to ooze out teen porn bbs toplist of his ass, he moved his face out of my neck young bbs nude pics and we kissed deeply. We both sighed and looked into each others eyes as we heard "That was fucking Awesome!" and realized both Todd and Nathan were cp bbs sex in the room watching us!Both Todd and Nathan were clearly surprised and and yet impressed to see my big cock buried in the sweet tender ass. As my bbs 15 nude erection subsided Josh sighed happily as it slipped out and he rolled off thumbnail galleries bbs of me onto the bed and nestled along side me.Todd said "Jeez man! You wouldn't let me have a video bbs models piece of that but you give it bbskds to Uncle Brad?""Well I was afraid it would hurt and it did a little but Uncle Brad kept telling me to go slow and it kept feeling better!"Nathan than spoke up and said "Is that Brad's jizz coming out of your ass?" his stare transfixed on Josh's ass which was slowly leaking cum.Reaching down to gently push his little brothers legs apart, Todd said "Only one way to find out and moved his fingers down and slowly inserted two fingers in the cum dripping hole which caused Josh to moan in pleasure. Todd removed his dripping fingers posted bbs teens and placed them in his mouth while Nathan watched wide-eyed and said "Mmmmmm... That tastes awesome! Here you try it!" He than moved his fingers back down to Josh's ass, inserted his fingers yet again with Josh moaning even louder. He little bbs fucken raised the wet fingers back up to Nathan's mouth who hesitated for a moment. But as Todd smeared my cum and Josh's ass juice on Nathan's lips, I watched young guestbook bbs amazed as Nathan slowly parted his lips and Todd's fingers slipped in and he elwebbs biz began to suck on them. "Do you like that?" Todd asked. Nathan nodded eagerly and continued to suck his fingers. Smiling Todd said "Well wait till you try this!" He than grabbed his brother by child ls bbs the waist and pulled him to the edge of the bed. Spreading apart his brothers legs, Todd kneeled between them and gently moved his open mouth to the still leaking ass and inserted his tongue.Arching his back and squealing with pleasure Josh grabbed his brother by the hair and cried out "Oh bbs child pre fuck bbs nimphets pics lol bbs rompl bro! OK...That feels so good! Suck on my butt!" Clearly turned on by teen pre bbs his baby brothers reaction, Todd began to make loud slurping noises bbs teens sex as he licked and sucked at the ass while both lsmix bbs Nathan and I watched. It was clear quickly that Todd and Josh were totally lost in their pleasure and all but forgot that we were still there.Clearly growing impatient and his dick lbbs board ru ls rock hard, Nathan shoved at Todd's shoulder and said "Dude! Let me give that a try!"Lifting his wet face japanese lorita bbs up from his brothers ass, Todd smiled and said "Too late dude! young bbs sex ru I think I got it all!" Seeing how irritated Nathan was becoming, Todd looked at a clearly pleased Josh and said "What do you say bro? Can we help him out?"I watched in amazement as I saw my 11 year old nephew who up until a couple of hours ago see terrified at the thought of anal sex, smile at Nathan and then his brother. Lifting his legs up he said "Sure! He deserves a treat and giggled as Todd grabbed his brothers pedo bbs forum ankles and bbs litle chidren porn placed them on his shoulders. Todd positioned his cock head at his little brothers ass and began to press gently and for a moment it appeared the tight ass was not ready to take another cock so soon. Unwilling to be denied any longer, Todd repositioned his hands on his brothers thighs and than made a quick thrusting motion of his pelvis into his brother. bbs teen nudes As I heard a slight pop as the cock head passed through the tight ass ring Josh grabbed hold of the blanket beneath him tightly, arched his bbs youth models head back and cried out "Oh fuck man!!" and continued to cry out "OHHHHHHH..." as Todd sank his cock in the hole until the tight ass was gripping the base of his cock. Josh reached out his hand and pushed against his brothers stomach gasping teenager bbs pics "Hold on... Just for a second..." young teen bbs nude As the initial pain subsided he slowly removed his hand and began clinching the fuck bbs models blankets as he said "OK...go slow dark seductress bbs bbs nude pictures now."Slowly Todd withdrew his dick about half way and than slowly pushed back in and they both sighed at the same time. Todd soon established a rhythm with both of them moaning and grunting while fresh nudes bbs Nathan and I watched, stroking our hard dicks.As Todd continued to fuck Josh, increasing the tempo he looked at Nathan stroking his dick and said "Get up on the bed so Josh can suck your dick!" As Nathan crawled 16 yo bbs pics up by Josh's head, who was moaning with his eyes half closed, Nathan put the castle bbs tip of his dick bbs models porn to Josh's lips. Josh seemed surprised as he opened his eyes but then opened his mouth and took his best friends hard dick into his mouth. He seemed to be having no trouble taking care of the dick in his mouth, while his brother increased the tempo of fucking his ass.I watched all three boys clearly enjoying themselves as I lay on the bed stroking my cock. nn young models bbs Smiling Todd looked at me and said "Wish I could help you Uncle Brad but as you can see I'm a bit busy" he smirked. Realizing it was time to knock the cocky teen down a peg or two, I slipped off the bed, still stroking my cock and walked up behind Todd's thrusting ass and spit on the head of my cock while Todd nervously asked "Uhhh.. What are you doing back there?"His body froze bbs model teen ptsc as I said "I'm going to fuck your ass!" and then grabbing hold of his hips, I plunged the full length of my cock into his tight ass. Crying out he bent half way over bracing his hands on the bed to keep from collapsing on his brother. Slapping his bare ass I said "OK smart ass! Fuck your brothers ass" which he began to do. As he moved out of his brothers ass my cock would go further up Todd's. Josh continued moaning and sucking on Nathans' dick while his brothers thrusts picked up steam again while I began to thrust into the 15 years pink young bbs old with firm steady strokes."Fuck yeah man! Fuck my ass!" Todd cried out as he began to meet my thrusts, his cock schoolgirls of india bbs still buried in his brothers ass.When Nathan began to whimper "Oh man... I... I... Think I'm going to cum!" Tod reached out and pulled Nathan's face to his and bbs early dream miniskirt buried his tongue in Nathan's throat as the teen stiffened up and began to dump his second young bbs 12yo models load down Josh's throat. Unable to take the entire load Josh moaned as cum dribbled down the side of his face. His body stiffened up as he rapidly pumped his dick. As his body spasmed it triggered Todd's orgasm and amateur lol bbs he began to empty his load up his brothers ass and he collapsed on his brother.I began bbs kds cp thrusting faster into Todd's ass and yelled "Oh fuck man! Going to fucking cum! Gong to fill vlad models bbs both of my boys asses with cum and than proceeded to shoot my load up the nonnude top bbs teens ass.A few moments later we were all on the bed, limbs intertwined and I realized that with all three boys now introduced to sex and all clearly enjoying it the weekend was only going to get more interesting!So... bbs 12 years That's it for now... Hope you all enjoy it... As I said previously feel free to give me bbs younger comments\suggestions.
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